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Fitting for a fashion show

Fitting for a fashion show

Model kids

Model kids


DALLAS FASHION CAMPS – Model Citizen is more than just a  modeling school, it’s the runway to grace and character. Model Citizen fashion camps teach important skills and offer professional tools to young people who want to explore the world of fashion, modeling and styling while increasing self esteem and expanding self confidence.

Model Citizens have the unique opportunity to focus on their own gifts, develop their own character and share the experience of being a Model Citizen. We are all role models for one another!

Fashion Camp at Hockaday

Campers will model, style and produce their own fashion show. They’ll learn the basics for runway modeling and practice fun exercises designed to increase self esteem and expand self confidence. These include age appropriate hair and make-up, basic turns, poise, fashion styling and coordination, health and fitness, social awareness, etiquette, personal growth, fashion show fitting and a runway rehearsal. Open to both boys and girls, graduation includes a fashion show presentation for family, friends and other campers.


Leadership and Presentation at Hockaday

How do you feel when “all eyes are on you”? Nervous? Shy? Confident? Energized? We all have different feelings about making a great first impression. In this workshop, you will learn the invaluable skills needed to be impactful in business presentations and in life.
You’ll learn to be confident and comfortable when you are in the spotlight, on stage or making a presentation in the classroom. Well explore the skills that have made great leaders throughout time and emulate those skills in the classroom. Gain self-confidence in your appearance and speaking – these are skills that last a lifetime! Graduation is a fashion presentation which will show the newly gained leadership skills of each student.

MC Fashion Camp
Be a part of a runway show after learning how to walk like a pro and look like a model!
Topics covered:
Fun exercises to increase self confidence
How important it is to make a positive first impression
Model Ettiquette
What fashion designers do
What professional stylists do
How to do a professional fitting
Hair + make-up techniques
Posing for the camera
Selecting music for a fashion show
Rehearsing a fashion show
Behind the scenes of a real fashion show 
Graduation is custom runway show for friends and family.
MC Leadership and Presentation
Learn how to make a great first impression and how to be confident and comfortable when all eyes are on you.  Gain self confidence in your appearance and your speaking skills that will last a lifetime. Topics covered:
Personal appearance
Speaking skills
Presentation skills
Leadership skills
How to make an entrance and stay cool
Graduation is being a part of a fashion show and presentation!

MC Styling and Fashion Presentation

Learn to be a professional stylist! You’ll practice the tools and skills every fashion show and personal stylist uses to make their runway models and clients glow! This camp is beyond fun…it’s an introduction to everyone’s dream job. Stylist get paid to make people beautiful. 

Topics covered:

Hair + make-up knowledge

Fashion trend files

Designer knowledge

Tricks and tips every stylist knows

Graduation is getting to style or model in a real runway show!



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Stylist's Kit

Make-up Stylist’s Kit

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Stylist Camp
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